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Find the track for you!

With any type of piano track, I strive to make sure I am creating something that you will be happy with. I will work with you to figure out what you need from the track and then record or create it shortly afterwards. Depending on the type of track you need and how personalized you want it, in addition to length and difficulty of the music, tracks vary from $10-$25 per track 5 minutes or shorter. Any other type of track (ie. over 5 minutes in length, multi-movement works, original piano parts that require advanced composition) will be discussed case-by-case to determine rate.

I can create acoustic or electric piano tracks as well as midi tracks. On this page are some samples of tracks I have done within the last year. They range from art song to musical theatre to choral arrangements. I can create accompaniments for jazz standards, arias, rock or pop songs, instrumental pieces, and even original works.  If you are interested in getting a track, please send me a request. I look forward to working with you!

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