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Songwriting has been a passion of mine since I was in high school. I never expected to record or perform any of the songs, but a unique opportunity led to the creation of Blue, my first studio album. Since then, I have recorded and performed my own music through gigs and shows in cities like NYC,  Philly, D.C, Boston, and Syracuse.

I hope to release a new project sometime in 2023

BLUE (2018)

Written and recorded during my Fall 2017 semester at William Paterson, Blue is an 8 song project. It blends my background in jazz and classical music with influences from pop, singer-songwriter, and gospel music. The project features a band of my talented friends and colleagues from WPUNJ. 

BAD IDEA (2020)

CCYM (2021)

Bad Idea was written and recorded in my parents' two bedroom apartment during the first two months of the pandemic. It's a two part song that juxtaposes the spirit of upbeat and feel good music of Emily King and Jaime Woods with the moody and electronic sound of Lennon Stella and Billie Eilish. It's the first released work with my sister, Helenah Comia.

Indeed, Can't Change Your Mind was written and recorded long before Bad Idea was even an idea. This song is extremely rooted in pop R&B, featuring stacked vocal harmonies, electronic keyboard, and a lo-fi beat by MP3. CCYM was released through Silk Screen Records. 

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