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Learn to Play!

Whether you are a new face to the instrument or you want to pick it up again, I firmly believe that anyone can learn to play piano! I strive to help you reach your goals in a learning style that is successful for you. There is no one correct way to play, but creating technical and musical foundations is at the forefront of my teaching. I welcome all ages and levels of musicians and am happy to work on a variety of repertoire, from classical to jazz to pop and more!

Sheet Music

Find the accompaniment track for you!

Need a piano accompaniment track but cannot find one that you really like? With over 10 years of collaborative work and studies, I have experience playing a variety of genres. And with an instinctive ability to know and understand performer's musical needs, I can create a track personalized for you! Whether you need a backing track to aria, a jazz standard, a pop song, or even an original tune, I am happy to create one that is to your standards.

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